Case Studies 

Strategic Convening in Berlin

in collaboration with CL, Ford Foundation USA, Arabella Advisors USA.
Berlin, 2023

Aída designed a three-day international convening for a network of 10 organizations in Berlin. She established the methodological framework, designed sessions to enhance relationships, foster open discussions, (re)define conceptual standpoints, and identify long-term strategic opportunities. The organizational goals encompassed creating a conducive environment for decision-making, generating product ideas, and strategizing on philanthropic key topics.

Idea Lab

In collaboration with Business Integration Partners, COL

By supporting the innovation area of a large scale Italian company based in Colombia, the consultancy Bip Colombia and its members conducted a two days workshop targeted to the client’s administrative, technical, and operational departments, to guide their respective core groups and managers towards disruptive design solutions for new products/services. The workshop aimed to introduce a few methods such as Design Thinking, Scrum (Agile way of working), Personas, and User Story Mapping.

Aída facilitated the workshop while supporting various work teams as a question formulator, idea creator, and strategist. She also guided the brainstorming and product conceptworking sessions, aimed to create digital products for the energy and utilities industry.


OI Bridge Builder

in collaboration with OpenIDEO Bogotá Chapter

Embarking on the third iteration of the BridgeBuilder challenge, themed 'People on the Move,' initiated by OpenIDEO in 2019, Aída fostered a collaborative and innovative atmosphere. Working alongside the OpenIDEO Bogotá Chapter team and a diverse community of practitioners—including lawyers, doctors, artists, and designers—Aída led efforts to envision creative solutions addressing the challenges faced by people on the move. The focus was on emphasizing the unique contexts of Latin America and Colombia. Together, they employed Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design methods to explore and develop meaningful interventions for those navigating these struggles.