Images 2.0




1 The body movements performed by the audience are based on “inteviews, reports, and video footage of working conditions at assembly lines of smartphones in Asia, 2019”  (Vivien Tauchmann) 

Journey 2.0
~ Checking/Browsing

by Aída Herrera Peña and Vivien Tauchmann

Checking/Browsing was an colllaborative project were Aída’s participation was presented through the design of an embodied experience that invited the audicence to delve into the act of reading theoretical content by specific set of body movements (1). By opening the PDF file ‘Browsing’ in their smartphones, the audience was guided to connect with two social realities: those working to produce the smartphones, and those consuming such a product. The experience sought to convey a message while triggering the audience to reflect about the command of social and economic models of life.