Booklet ‘Caiga en el taxi’, 2020

Caiga en el Taxi

by Aída Herrera Peña and Paula Ariza
2020 (2014)

Caiga en el Taxi was a social design project that explored the labor conditions and the power structures of the public taxi transportation system at the International Airport El Dorado in Bogotá, Colombia in 2014. Aiming to foster healthier behaviors and critical reflections to enhance the social state of affairs and the transportation experience, five industrial designers created a communication strategy by means of performance and embodied experiences, not only to make visible the conflicts of the territory but also to impact the collective imaginaries of passers by, taxi drivers, among others.   

Fieldwork and context footage, ‘Caiga en el taxi’, at the International Airport El Dorado in Bogotá, COL 2014

In the captivating collaboration of 2020, Aída Herrera Peña and Paula Ariza (two of the five designers involved in the project) embarked on a storytelling venture, weaving their project into the fabric of a booklet. Their mission? To ignite awareness and provoke reflections on the profound impact design practices could wield on social relations and modes of association.  Now, they tell the project’s journey in a digital blooklet across five stages of the design process: Context, Research, Definition, Ideation & prototyping, and Implementation.

Cover booklet ‘Caiga en el taxi’, 2020

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