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~ Booklet Caiga en el Taxi

by Aída Herrera Peña and Paula Ariza
2020 (2014)

Caiga en el Taxi was a social design project developed in 2014 by five industrial designers. Concerned on the labor conditions and the conflicts between legal and illegal structures of the public taxi transportation system at the International Airport El Dorado in Bogotá, Colombia, and with the purpose of generating behaviors and reflections that contribute to the enhancement of such a context, they designed a communication strategy by means of performance and embodied experiences, to impact the collective imaginaries of passers by, taxi drivers, among others making visible the dinamics of such a territory. 

The booklet Caiga en el Taxi was designed in 2020 to provide a tool to bring awareness and reflections upon how design practices could intervene in social relations and societal forms of association, by the comprehension and reconstruction of the mentioned project, exploring it through five phases of the design process: Context, Research, Definition, Ideation & prototyping, and Implementation. 

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